About Me

So…what makes me the expert? Passion and good intentions alone are not enough to help counsel and guide people during challenging times. You need accredited formal training, hands-on experience, and the luck of working with the greatest healers and mentors around.

Pamela Belen

For those of you who just want the nitty-gritty on what makes me a qualified and trusted Tarot Advisor and Holistic Life Coach, you’ll find some of the main formal training I have used to transform my life and the lives of my clients:

Professional Tarot Advisor | Certified Holistic Life Coach | Reiki Master | B.A. in Adult Psychology

This is the backbone of my international Tarot Advising and Coaching success. All my current clients have found their way to me through my Tarot services. They book a session and are pleasantly surprised by the clarity they experience after a reading. They walk away with answers, confidence, and the inspiration necessary to create real changes in their lives.

Sometimes this is enough…and sometimes a client needs more support.

When this is the case, clients will add a Holistic Coaching session with me and then we have the time for more targeted work.

I customize a Holistic Coaching session that builds on the guidance that was received during the Tarot reading and I combine it with different coaching techniques and energy healing modalities (such as Reiki) in order to provide a more individualized approach that assists the client in achieving their goals.