Holistic Life Coaching

So, what exactly, does “Holistic Life Coaching” mean?

Holistic Life Coaching (HLC) can be summed up as “guidance and support through personal challenges with a certified coach who recognizes that treating the symptoms alone is not enough”. A Holistic Life Coach addresses the whole person – the energetic body, the physical body, the mind, one’s spirit, chakras, the inner child, auras – and not just parts of a person or only the symptoms they may be experiencing.

And that is why addressing the entire being is really the only way you to make concrete and lasting change.

What are the benefits of HLC?

My clients come to me for help with a variety of life challenges, such as relationship issues, questions about their life purpose, and even needing a hand to figure out how to achieve big life goals. Regardless of the how different all their goals are they all agree on one thing: that the healing journey can be pleasant and even include some amazing benefits they weren’t expecting, such as:

  • Clarity around life-long issues
  • Confidence where they once felt stuck and powerless
  • Breaking free from negative patters and limiting beliefs
  • New-found coping skills
  • Achieving goals and meaningful milestones!

Not too shabby, huh? 😉

What makes me qualified to help you create your best life?

I’m glad you asked!

For as long as I can remember I have been curious and passionate about the healing arts, alternative therapies, and helping others. The methods I use to help my clients are the very same techniques I found effective when I was struggling emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk as well, my friends!

My coaching techniques have helped my clients answer questions such as:

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • How do I find happiness? (little secret: you don’t “find” it, you “create” it!)
  • Will I ever have a healthy and fulfilling relationship?
  • How do I create abundance?
  • How do I increase my confidence/joy/peace of mind/fill in the blank?

In searching for the answers to these and many other questions, I experimented with so many healing modalities and coping techniques and each one inspired and healed different parts of me.

Training and Certifications I’ve earned so far during my own journey:

  • Professional Tarot Advisor
  • Certified Life Coach (CLC)
  • Reiki Master (RMT)
  • B.A. in Adult Psychology
  • Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT)
  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
  • Polarity Therapy Professional (PTP)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique graduate (Level I, II, III)

I’m throwing all these initials at you not to brag but to put your mind at ease. When you decide to work with me, you are choosing a professionally trained and experienced healer, advisor, and coach.

What does a HLC session look like?

Ok, so you’ve decided to invest in yourself and your future and you’d like to prepare for our first session together.


Now, let’s get started….

It’s actually pretty straightforward:

  • Make sure you’re in a comfortable and quiet location
  • Turn off distractions like mobiles, tv, alerts, etc
  • Do not forget to bring a way of making notes during your sessions
  • And finally, bring your willingness to be honest, courage to challenge yourself, and the desire to grow to every single session!

Below is what a typical coaching session will look like:

  • We set up a time/day for the phone or video chat session
  • We chat about your past attempts at achieving your goals on your own and to address any challenges you’ve faced during that process
  • We then collaborate on the best ways for you to move past what hasn’t worked so we can come up with a game plan for your success!
  • Usually, I will leave you with ideas to ponder or actions to take so you can push yourself even when we’re not in session
  • Begin your journey towards success and confidence!

Session Add-ons

When I work with my own healers and coach, I love to add on a mini sessions of energy healing at the end in order to really process all that was shared or experienced during the coaching session. And sometimes a healing session may uncover emotional layers the client was never conscious of and now there may be more questions…

In either of these cases, I’ve got you! We can add on a Tarot reading to find clarify or if you have new questions that might arise during a coaching session. Another great add-on that can really take a session to another level is with a mini session of Reiki in order to close our session on a powerful and meaningful note.

  • 30-minute Tarot Advising session – $45 ($5 off the regular pricing)
  • 15-minute Reiki session – $30

HLC Rate (the more you buy, the more you save!):

  • One 30-minutes session $50
  • Package of (5) 30-minute sessions $225 (SAVE $25!)
  • Package of (10) 30-minute sessions $400 (SAVE $100!!)

**Due to Covid 19, all coaching sessions will be conducted via phone or video chat only until further notice**