Pamela Belén


“Pamela is AMAZING! All the readings she’s done for me have been so accurate, insightful, and healing. She has a real gift of counseling and she has a real passion for helping people. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Nancy, Nyc, usa

“Pamela is my go-to tarot reader for all of my questions. I have known her for over a year, and her readings have given me so much insight into myself and my situations. There is no one I would recommend more!”

Rebekah, Georgia, USA

“I reached out to Pamela after a break up with my boyfriend. I was in a really low place and wanted peace of mind, answers, and some sense of closure. Pamela was incredible at communicating what she saw in my cards. It delved into my past, present, future, and a little bit into where my ex was in his own stage in life. Not only did it all made sense, but I also found the process to be extremely therapeutic. Definitely make time to see Pamela. I can’t recommend her enough!”


“The remote reading I had with Pamela was amazingly accurate – it was as if she could read my mind. I’ve had many tarot readings in the past but she is someone with whom I resonate with the most. Her unique and insightful views helped me become aware of different paths I could take, and helped me determine which to ultimately choose. I know it will be hard, but her advice reminded me that I will eventually reach my goal. I highly recommend her, especially if you need advice and answers to your life’s journey.”


“My reading with Pamela was very helpful and enlightening. She went above and beyond to make sure she fully understood my question before the reading. I will definitely book with her again!”

Gabby, seoul, south korea

“Pamela is an amazing tarot advisor and coach! My first remote session with her was incredible. I was nervous at first as this was my first time getting a professional reading but Pamela quickly put my mind at ease. She was so accurate and her straight-forward and caring manner really helped me have a super positive experience. If you are looking for clarity, guidance, and wisdom, Pamela is the way to go!”

Kiku, bangkok, thailand